Herd health is promoted through routine preventative trimming on planned fortnightly or monthly visits, and at other times on request. Lame cows are seen as soon as possible for welfare reasons and, as we often provides services on the recommendation of a vet, we frequently work alongside vets and nutritionists to solve more complex problems.

With a dairy farming background and having previously worked as a herdsman, Doug is used to handling cattle in a calm and efficient manner. He has been trimming since 2000 and holds the category 1 diploma in the Dutch method (an internationally recognized, welfare-orientated trimming technique).

At AR-PE we have pharmaceuticals & treatments for various hoof related problems are all on hand. Our capable and willing hoof trimmers can set up footbath regimes, trimming schedules and dealings with any other hoof related problems that might occur on your farm.

Please contact us at if you would like to purchase any of the above products. We’d be happy to help you out!

Safety Clothing

  • Neoprene wrist guards (S to XL)
  • Hoof trimming apron (short or full/long)
  • Gloves in knit latex, latex, or nitrile (S to XL)

Safety Supplies

  • Duct tape
  • Ear tags
  • Leg bands
  • Neck chains & cords
  • Painstik & marking paint
  • Tattoo supplies
  • Extra gates
  • Restraints

Hoof Care Tools

  • Blocks & boots
  • Cutting wheels
  • Hoof baths
  • Kits
  • Knives & nippers
  • Sharpening
  • Trimming disks
  • Wraps

Health Products

  • Dermitt paste 380ml tubes and 12kg bucket
  • Cohesive bandages
  • Copper high footbath mix
  • Demotec future pad

Hoof Blocks

  • Demotec (90 or 95, 12 or 42 pack)
  • Demotec (green block 12 or 36 packĀ in standard or XL)
  • Cow slipĀ (standard, XL, or XXL)
  • Wooden blocks (standard, XL, or XXL)
  • Rubber blocks