Risk Assessment

Doug Johnstone has been trained to do Risk Assessments which have to do with assessing all the variables on the farm which contribute to lameness in dairy cattle.

Preventive foot trimming

Proper hoof trimming forms the foundation of a comprehensive foot health program. By recognizing certain hoof trimming fundamentals, cattle owners can help reduce the risk of lameness caused by claw trimming miscues.

Depending upon the walking surface, cows may wear down their hoof walls. In some cases, hoof growth accelerates and changes the “weight-bearing surface” of the foot. When this happens, the bone deep inside the hoof changes its position, puts pressure on the sole of the foot and causes pain and an abscess. So most foot trimming specialists recommend trimming feet at least one time per year, usually at dry-off. This guarantees that the foot is “reshaped” so that the cow walks through the first months of calving stress and high milk production with minimal risk for lameness.


The most important part of hoof health is early detection of lame cows and create and implement standardized treatment protocols. The primary reason we focus on the detection and treatment of lameness is to improve the health and well-being of the cow. In order to prevent and reduce the duration of pain in your cow, contact AR-PE Hoof Trimming.

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